The Voyage in Becoming a Virtual Assistant

June 11th, 2021 by dayat No comments »

The voyage in becoming a virtual assistant is a joy ride. Everyone will undergo challenges in the first few steps especially if they are not computer savvy. Being in this line of business, you need to be up to date with the technology because if not you will say” how they do it?” or you will utter” I think that’s difficult” but the truth is it is just simple actions that we need to learn so that we can get along with the millennials. So let us start two basic things that we think that it is not important but needed in becoming a VA.
1. Facebook: What is your account title used on this site? Is it your real name or a different one that you just made up? Okay, let us begin with that when you’re trying to look for a job, and you’re using a different name that cannot be found easily on the internet then your client will think that it is a scam that you are not a real person. That’s why you need to correct it and to indicate your first and last name and also be careful in all your posting because it will reflect your reputation. Most people today will upload everything on social media like when you’re going to a party and drink liquor, as much as possible avoid posting it because the client might think that you are an alcoholic and not capable of the job. So be careful with it.
2. Email: This kind of communication is bit disregarded nowadays because of the availability of Messenger, Skype, Viber and many others but in the business world this conveyance is important. They used it to impart information to the consumer or client about the service or product that the company provides. That is how important it is to them, so how about you is email is it still working or have you still remember the password? Let us talk about it, now make also your email profile like a professional such as indicating your full name. You must also be familiar with how to use the “cc: CARBON COPY” or the “bcc: BLIND CARBON COPY” to keep all information secure.

Those are the starting point we need to improve first because we thought it’s fine that we a made our social media account under a different name but in the business world that’s not good. For example, there will be an interested client that want to hire you, but they will do a background check first if you are visible on the internet, so you already know what will happen if they will look for your name in the web. The sad thing will happen is that you lose the opportunity. I am making this awareness only for those who are planning to start a home-based career because they might be like me doesn’t know about it. Those things that I say are the start of my voyage in becoming a virtual assistant. We can do it, guys!